Freeline Skates
Features Light weight Heavy duty Light weight
  Incredibly strong Incredibly strong Designed for beginners, quicker learning curve
  Long haul road ride, tricks Increased Stability, tricks, grind Increased balance at lower speeds
  Best balance of  OG and GROM Increased thrust per pump Tighter turning
Height 3.5” / 85mm 3.5” / 90mm 3.1875” / 81mm
Weight 1.85 lb / 840g 2.23 lbs / 1015g 1.59 lb / 720g
Wheel Diameter 72mm 72mm 65mm
Wheel Hardness 85 dur 85 dur 82 dur
Wheel Spacing 4.01” / 102mm 4.0” / 102mm 3.625” / 93mm
Bearing 608ZZ ABEC-7 ABEC-5 ABEC-5
Decks Wood Aluminum cast steel S-bent axle inside Wood
Trucks Stainless steel   Stamped & bent steel
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Freeline PRO
Price: HKD $1500
The company was born from skateboarding so, to stay true to our roots, we developed the Freeline Pro. Its replaceable wood top deck and re-engineered stainless steel trucks make it light-weight and incredibly strong to rip down hills, mash skate parks and launch big gaps, early-grab style.

Height3.1875” / 81mm
Weight1.85 lb / 840g
Wheel Diameter72mm
Wheel Hardness85 dur
Wheel Spacing4.01” / 102mm
TrucksStainless steel
Best features of GROM and OG combined
Light weight
Incredibly strong
Long haul road ride
Freeline OG
Price: HKD $1100
This is our Original model for hard-core rippers that want their skates to last a lifetime of thrashing, shredding, and grinding. The OG’s reinforced swing-arms are able to hold up to 3,000 lbs of downward force and its single-piece construction is made of 356-T6, aircraft-grade cast aluminum for maximum durability.

Height3.5” / 90mm
Weight2.23 lbs / 1015g
Wheel Diameter72mm
Wheel Hardness85 dur
Wheel Spacing4.0” / 102mm
TrucksAluminum cast steel S-bent axle inside
Heavy Duty
Increased Stability
More leaning for deeper carving
Increased thrust per pump
Grind plates

Freeline GROM
Price: HKD $500
For those just getting into the sport, the Grom is designed for quick learning, cruising and riding free. Its compact design is super light-weight, low to the ground and easy to turn. With its optional training wheel set-up, the Grom is the perfect entry-level ride.
Height3.1875” / 81mm
Weight1.59 lb / 720g
Wheel Diameter65mm
Wheel Hardness82 dur
Wheel Spacing3.625” / 93mm
TrucksStamped & bent steel
Especially designed for beginners, quicker learning curve
Light weight
Increased balance at lower speeds
Tighter turning