About Us

Welcome to the shop for Official Freeline Skates in Hong Kong and Asia region.

We The Federation of Freeline Skates Asia is a registered recreational society with The Hong Kong Police Department via Societies Office. We are also proudly being appointed to be the Official Freeline Skates reseller.

Our group initially is a small social group called "Freeline Open Group" founded in 2009. We believes Freeline is a challenging and entertaining sport, it enable its rider to enhance his mental and physical techniques though practise and analysis. We believes training and hard working is the only way to achieve this.

Our logo is based on the idea of Tai Chi, because its rider can always find joy, balance, the renewal and exhaustion of energy. It is as if the skate's motion is to draw circle endlessly by design, and round is the foundation.

For more information about The Federation of Freeline Skates Asia, please visit: